Why I Quit Being a Lawyer to Sell Shirts

For our 10th blog post the Christian Benedict blog is being taken over by our great and wonderful founder, Christian McAleenan, to discuss more about what makes the business  tick, what he believes in and how this impacts on what the business focuses on.

As our blog becomes more established and approaches our 1000th reader, I thought I should quickly point out why Christian Benedict does what it does.  The way I see things is that time is limited and that we should focus on spending it on what counts – doing what we enjoy doing, with our friends and family and with as little stress as possible.  I don’t care for the mundane.  So that’s why I set up Christian Benedict to sell shirts.  Let me explain.

Buying shirts is a fairly boring, repetitive process

This isn’t something you might expect a shirt retailer to say, but buying shirts is a distinctly average pastime.  Like many of you, before Christian Benedict, I worked in a corporate job and needed to be presentable at work. Being so required me to buy formal shirts every six to nine months.  The choice was always a variation on the same shirts (a white, a blue, a pink) and I bought them from the same shops over (inevitably rainy) lunch breaks, before rushing back to the office.  I wore them until they tore, lost their shape or faded.  Then I’d be back to replenish my wardrobe.

Buying shirts wasn’t a nightmare proposition, but rather an inconvenience.  I didn’t like having to give up my lunch break or Saturday afternoons.  I didn’t like having to go out into the cold to get to the shop.  Even having to remember to go and buy shirts was a bit of a hassle.  Indeed, I concluded pretty quickly that repeatedly buying the same (or similar) shirts is an undeniably mundane way to spend your time.  There are certainly better things to do.

So in a rather radical step I decided to do something about it.  I quit my job and am now running an online shirt retail business devoted to convenience.

Time Waits for No Man

At Christian Benedict, we all believe that time is precious.  It is certainly worth spending on important or complex matters, but otherwise it shouldn’t be filtered away.  One thing that really should be avoided, if possible, is wasting your time on the boring or mundane.

As such we’re committed to developing a business that provides services that are easily set-up, easy to manage and fundamentally save people time.

This can be seen most clearly in our shirts service.  We sell shirts through a flexible recurring subscription that allows you to have a shirt posted to your desk or door every 30, 60 or 90 days.   Instead of going to the shop to peer at shirts through their plastic wrappers, we send them to you.  We remember your measurements and other details so you don’t have to re-enter them.   We automatically send you the shirt so you don’t have to think about getting another (though we’ll remind you in advance so you have time to skip a delivery if you choose to). We make selecting your shirt as easy as opening an e-mail and clicking on an image.

In short, we’ve automated the process.  Christian Benedict is committed to saving you time – so you can spend it how you want.

And Me?

Well the mantra that time should be spent wisely applies to my life choices as much as it does to Christian Benedict’s purpose.  Just as I concluded that buying shirts on the high street was not the best way to spend my time on Earth, I also concluded that my job wasn’t for me.  While the law is a great profession, it isn’t where I want to spend the next 30 years.  I’m keen to run my own projects and explore life, while ignoring the mundane where I can.

What you should do?

Perhaps you don’t need to jump ship to found your own business like I did (or perhaps you do).  Even so, we’ll be around to make your life that little bit easier.  We can’t promise you a four hour week, but we can help you take a small step towards saving time.

If you had more time, let me know how you’d spend it via Christian Benedict’s profile on Twitter or Facebook.

Thanks for reading this post.

All the best

Christian McAleenan

Founder of Christian Benedict