3 Subscription Services that send you Beer!

Happy World Beer Day!  While this celebration no doubt was dreamed up by a social marketing team in need of some content to tweet about, it is nevertheless worth celebrating.  Beer is, after all, a product enjoyed by many the world over – including us at Christian Benedict HQ.

To mark the occasion, we thought we’d bring to your attention a few businesses in the subscription industry who specialise in beer – yep, you can join a club and have beer sent to you every month.

How they work

As you might expect, a subscription beer club operates by sending you a case of beer periodically.  The contents of the case can be random or themed, but usually the idea is that the box introduces you to a collection of new beers, helping you to explore the vast choice out there.  Customers can usually then re-order their favourites as one-off purchases if they want.


Beer Subscription Service - Flavourly

Flavourly promises to deliver “the freshest small batch beer that you’ve never tried” and following numerous successful rounds of crowd funding, an appearance on Dragon’s Den and the subsequent acquisition by a Scottish wholesaler, they are well placed to do so.

Through their ‘Personalised Craft Beer Discovery Club’ you can receive 10 beers for £25 (minus any initial discount), as well as the ‘Flavourly Magazine’ which includes tasting notes, recipes and more info behind each beer.  P&P is also free.  They were keen to note that this is one of the best priced offerings on the market.  Their competitive pricing has certainly won them a loyal following – they have over 90,000 members.

In addition to the beer club, you can also re-buy favourite beers from the box and discover the rest of a particular brewery’s range through their ‘pick n mix’ bottleshop.

We were impressed by their variety – they’ve introduced various brands to the UK (e.g. Sweden’s Poppels Bryggeri) – and also the easy mix of personalisation (you opt to receive light, mixed or dark beers) and interesting curation.  Certainly one to consider.

Beer Bods

Beer Bods, Subscription Beer Club

Beer Bods claim to be one of the first beer subscription services on the UK scene, launching back in 2012.  Since then they’ve been refining and organically building their business and now have a loyal following to show for it.  In fact, they say their growth has come from having “fans, not customers”.

One aspect we like about Beer Bods is that they are truly committed to the ‘club’ aspect of their service.  Members receive 12 beers every 12 weeks and are encouraged to drink one a week.  Information is released (online and by e-mail) on a particular beer only when its allotted week comes around and because pretty much everyone is drinking a particular beer at a particular time there is a decent sense of community.  While we might want more than one beer at a time (how many customers drink all 12 over the first week?), we commend the principle.

Beer Bods sell at £36 a case, including postage, meaning that each bottle is priced at £3 each.

Honest Brew

Subscription Beer Club, Honest Brew

If Beer Bods stress their ‘club’ credentials, one of their rivals, Honest Brew, focuses on personalising each box of beers to the customer buying it.  By encouraging you to set up a ‘Taste Profile’, as well allowing you to review and rate the beers you’re sent, Honest Brew builds up an understanding of what you want in a beer.  They then can tailor each box you receive to your preferences and voila – you’ve got a box of new beers that each suit your palate.

Honest Brew stock in excess of 500 beers from a long list of new and established independent breweries.  They also have a nice slick website that has a friendly tone and loads of beer related content.  You can subscribe to their ‘Honesty Subscription Box’ for £35.90 and should receive it within 3 days.  You can even pay with Bitcoin, if you so choose….

Now go have a beer… it’s the weekend!

So there you have it – three beer companies that will send you beer by post when you join their club.  All three are keen to help you explore beer and with the UK having more than 1700 breweries alone, we all need a helping hand.  So go check them out and of course let us know what you discover.

As ever, thanks for reading our blog.

All the best