A Quick Update

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Hi Everyone

At the beginning of the year, Christian Benedict began trading and since then we have been going from strength to strength.  As we pass the six month mark we thought it would be a good idea to post an update on our progress.

For those that don’t know, Christian Benedict is an online shirt retailer that sells through a flexible subscription model.  Once you’re signed up, we send you shirts for the office periodically.  You can pick your frequency and the shirts themselves.   The idea is that through Christian Benedict you can routinely replenish your work attire, with little to no effort.

So what’s been happening?  Well quite a bit.  Most importantly, we’ve been growing our membership.  Each day new customers come to us, increasing the scale at which Christian Benedict operates, thereby allowing us to improve our offering.

This is most clearly illustrated by us being able to grow our range of shirts; we’ve added an additional three to our collection – two striped blues and a striped pink. On top of this increase, we’ve also got plans to add more shirts to ensure the choice for our customers is always growing and always up to date.  We’re particularly looking forward to launching our first double (or ‘French’) cuff shirts in October.  Watch this space.

With new shirts and more customers, the physical space the business requires has grown and to meet this we’ve also taken out space with SafeStore, as a business customer.  They now accommodate approximately half our stock and crucially offer the flexibility needed to ensure we can continue to grow into the future.

Finally, our strong performance has won us the support of new partners including the Start Up Loans Company, who have agreed to provide us with funding as we go forward.  Their vote of confidence both shows a belief in our business and also will help us to move to the next level.

So there you are – Christian Benedict is doing well thanks to our members’ support.  Through our service we aim to deliver a quality product as conveniently as possible and not only are we achieving that, but also improving upon it day by day.

All the best