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How Archery can improve your focus at work!

This is a guest post by Dave James, a keen archer and founder of As well as being very keen on shooting sports, Dave is passionate about improving ones cognitive abilities through sport. As we value techniques that help us ignore the small stuff (including errands like shirt shopping) in favour of what matters, … Continued

Winter is Coming

As we move through autumn and into winter, how can you spruce up plain or striped cotton shirts to create a seasonal look? Here are some of our top suggestions

The Ten Shirt Rules

If you want to look good at all times, purchase shirts that fit just right, and will last a long time, you need to follow the ten shirt rules. Most of these rules are common sense, but there’s no harm in a reminder…

Five top autumn city breaks

There’s still time to squeeze in a late-season holiday, and although the beach season may be over
in many European hotspots, a city break on the continent can be a great alternative, and a first choice
for many. Here’s our pick of five top city breaks for autumn.

A Quick Update

As Christian Benedict grows, we thought we should let you know about what we’re up to. So here is some news about our new shirts, digs and our plans for the future…

3 Subscription Services that send you Beer!

Benjamin Franklin noted that beer is proof that God wants us to be happy. We tend to agree and to aid you in the pursuit of happiness, we thought we’d mark World Beer Day with a post about UK subscription businesses that are devoted to beer.