Author: Christian Benedict

Keeping cool at work in a heat wave

It’s no fun being trapped at work during a heat wave – especially if you’re not the person in charge of the office air conditioning controls – but there are some steps you can take to keep cool…

One Shirt, Four Looks

A versatile wardrobe is a great way to be prepared for any occasion, and a good-quality smart shirt can be the centrepiece of all kinds of different outfits. Here are four completely different looks you can achieve with the same long-sleeved collared shirt you might normally only think of wearing to the office. 1. Suited … Continued

5 ways to make a style statement on a budget

A good wardrobe allows you to dress in style for any occasion, whether it’s a day in the office or a night on the town, and it doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. Finding the perfect piece is always rewarding, and by buying online it’s possible to save on all kinds of clothing and … Continued

3 ways to save time

Those of you who are familiar with Christian Benedict will know that we’re all about helping our customers avoid spending time on the mundane so they can spend it on what matters.  Building on this theme we’re using this post to explore other tried and tested ways of managing your time more wisely. Approach tasks … Continued

6 Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress appears to be something that comes with a career. Long hours, office politics and unforgiving clients and/or bosses can pile on pressure in the short term and bring on fatigue in the long term.  Build in a busy social and home life and suddenly things can become pretty stressful.  However, there are ways to … Continued

What We’re Up to On Social

This week we thought we’d spend a little time letting you know what’s happening on our social profiles.  As they all continue to grow, we’re increasingly keen to engage with our audience and provide great content to our readers.  In this post we dive down into what’s going on… Facebook – April Competition In the … Continued

What to Read: April

Margaret Fuller noted that a person can be “today a reader, tomorrow a leader”, and we tend to agree with the sentiment.  Christian Benedict is keen to help you avoid wasting time on mundane tasks so that you can spend it productively and on pastimes you enjoy.  We would suggest that reading more fulfills both … Continued

Why I Quit Being a Lawyer to Sell Shirts

For our 10th blog post the Christian Benedict blog is being taken over by our great and wonderful founder, Christian McAleenan, to discuss more about what makes the business  tick, what he believes in and how this impacts on what the business focuses on. As our blog becomes more established and approaches our 1000th reader, … Continued