Get Ready… It’s Nearly Valentines

Next Tuesday is Valentine’s Day.  Four days and counting.  If you have not already done so, you need to come up with something that says ‘I Love You’ to the girl in your life.  If you don’t she may well be a bit put out and you’ll be in the dog house.  However, don’t worry – we are here to help.  We’ve put together a few ideas that are easily arranged, yet are likely to be well received.

(Of course you don’t have to get any of the below.  Many partners will be more than happy with a card containing a heartfelt message within.  The following ideas are just incase you want to go a bit further.  Equally, if you don’t have a girlfriend to worry about, then rest easy.  Pour yourself a beer and relax…)

Wild and Bloom

A tried and tested way to put a smile on her face is a decent bouquet of flowers and these days it’s very easy to arrange.  Online retailer Bloom and Wild will deliver flowers to your door posted in a box that will fit through your letter box (each flower is also packed by hand and covered in netting for protection).  What if you’re reading this on Monday lunchtime? Fear not as they’ll be offering next day delivery until 5pm on February 13th.  Finally, because we like you so much we’ve arranged with them a promotional code to get you 15% off – use code CBSHIRTS when you order from their website.

Not on the High Street

If you want to be a little less traditional, or indeed want to get flowers plus something else, then a great starting point is Not on the High Street.  Over the years NOTHS has come to personify unique (if a little pricey) gifts.  From Perfect Match chocolates to attractive pieces of jewellery, their range is both inventive and open to personalisation.  Check out their ‘Gifts For Her’ collection or if you have something in mind search their website with the associated keywords.

Cosmetics Online or Instore

Finally, a great way to show you’re loving and attentive to her needs is through her favourite cosmetics brand.  Whether she’s partial to lipstick, has a favourite type of foundation or has a particular skin care regime, just reorder the relevant product and she’ll know you care.  Most guys don’t know a great deal about the world of make-up and so showing you know what she likes tells her you pay attention and are thoughtful.

If you want to purchase online then consider Feel Unique.  It has an extensive range and is one of the better priced in the market.  Alternatively, if you’d like some face to face guidance and have time, pop into a department store and visit the appropriate brand’s concession.

Going to be particularly inventive this year?  Why not drop us a line to let us know?

As ever, thanks for reading.

All the best