Christmas Ads 2017 – Yep, it’s time.

Many of you will despair at the fact we’re six and a half weeks from Christmas – some because there is too little time to prepare and some because people are talking about it when it appears so far off.  One group that are firmly in the ‘get yourself ready’ camp are high street retailers, many of whom are launching their Christmas marketing campaigns this week.  That’s right – it’s time for Christmas Ads and we’ve brought together some of the more notable ones so far.

John Lewis

Moz the Monster Under the Bed


Those of you familiar with John Lewis Christmas adverts will probably note the similarities between this campaign and John Lewis’ Monty the Penguin from 2014. Even if it is basically the same touching story, we’re still keen.


Kevin the Carrot Returns


One ad that definitely builds on previous years’ efforts is Aldi’s and their hero, Kevin the Carrot.  This year Kevin is in search of love who he finds on a train (random). After a quick detour via a dead gingerbread man (also random) he finds a carrot named Kate and all is well.


#YouShall Find Your Fairytale Christmas


Apparently, love stories based around trains are a big thing this year.  Debenhams have chosen to get their audience in the mood for Christmas by telling the story of two travellers who meet in passing, referencing Cinderella and suggesting hashtags can bring people together.




Asda were one of the very first to launch a Christmas Ad for the 2017 season.  In their film you follow a little girl and her grandfather around the Asda Christmas workshop.  Filled with magical machines and lots of small workers, the advert is probably causing much consternation at the Roald Dahl estate…

(Interestingly the ad has Asda’s green throughout, which was the original colour of Father Christmas before Coca Cola got their hands on him.)


The Snowman and The Snowdog


And for those who are hilariously rich?  Well this year Barbour are keen for us to buy their jackets and give them to snowmen – i.e. garden snow statues that will melt in a few days. However, it’s still a touching story and you may well find yourself searching for ‘Walking in the Air’ on Youtube aftwerwards.

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