Father’s Day – What to Buy for Dad

Father's Day Gift

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday 18 June.  Many of you will be aware of this as you’ll be looking forward to a celebration of your parenting skills and confirmation that you are, indeed, the world’s best dad.  On the other hand, the sons among you may be thinking of how you can show some gratitude to your respective fathers.

However, while our fathers may have done a lot for us over the years, they aren’t letting on as to what they want in return.  Fathers often meet queries about what gift they might like to mark an upcoming occasion with the same unhelpful response – ‘I don’t want anything’.  So if you’ve decided to ignore this assertion and get him something, what should you buy for Dad?  Well we think we have the perfect idea.

Christian Benedict – the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

The concept behind Christian Benedict is the provision of quality shirts through the most convenient, time-efficient means possible.  However, this doesn’t just need to apply to a gent buying for himself.  We’ve also realised a shirt subscription makes for a great gift for Father’s Day and here are a few reasons why:

  1. The Gift of TimeYour father is most probably a busy individual and even if he isn’t, he’s still likely to value his time nonetheless. By getting him a shirt subscription from Christian Benedict you’ll permanently cross off a boring task from his ‘to do’ list, saving him time to spend on what he enjoys doing.
  2. The Gift that Keeps on Giving A nice way to give a present that your dad will remember (long after the jumper from your sibling is condemned to a draw) is to give him something that turns up repeatedly, well after 18 June. A subscription will do exactly this, presenting itself as a nice little present every month or so.
  3. Keep it Simple Shirts wear out over the course of their life time, losing their shape and becoming worn. By getting your father some new ones you’ll be getting him something that he actually needs and something that he will use.
  4. And if he doesn’t like it Lots of us receive gifts we don’t like or want. Occasionally we’re not even sure what the present is actually for… leading inevitably to awkward requests for gift receipts.  With Christian Benedict this isn’t an issue.  All our shirts come with pre-paid returns labels and are subject to our ‘no questions asked’ returns policy.

So if you do find yourself looking for a gift for your father in the run up to the weekend, please give a thought to Christian Benedict.  We’d be delighted to help!

Thanks again for reading this post and all the best