Introducing our Double Cuff Shirts

White Pink and Blue Double Cuff Formal Mens Shirts

We’re delighted to announce that we have expanded our range by a further three shirts, adding the choice of double cuff shirts to our current offering.

Double cuff shirts, also known as ‘French cuff’, offer the wearer the opportunity to accessorise their outfit with cuff links and are generally considered a little more formal than button cuff shirts.  As such, these new shirts are perfect for the office or a formal occasion.

We recognise that many men wear only double cuff shirts or, conversely, will only put on a shirt that has button cuffs. As such, it’s great to now be able to serve both groups (and of course those that like to switch between the two depending on the circumstances).

The fabric we’ve chosen is the same as our popular classic shirts, following the very positive feedback we’ve had from customers.  While uncontroversial in colour and weave, the easy iron material does have a substantial, luxurious feel and we wanted to continue this with the double cuff shirts.

Some of our customers will have already noticed the new shirts appearing in the shirt selection emails they receive prior to delivery, but they are also now offered to new customers during the joining process.

We’re really happy with the new shirts, but we’d love to hear your feedback as well.  Drop us an email ( or reach out to us on Twitter  or Facebook to let us know what you think.

As ever, thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

The CB Team