Keeping cool at work in a heat wave

It’s no fun being trapped at work during a heat wave – especially if you’re not the person in charge of the office air conditioning controls – but there are some steps you can take to keep cool at work in summer, or during any unseasonably hot spell throughout the year.

1. Wear natural fibres

Natural fibres like cotton allow moisture to escape from your body, which is part of your built-in temperature control systems.

Summer is probably not the time to wear wool, but cotton shirts and linen suits are both good options if you’re trying to work around a strict dress code.

Change your clothes regularly – you might even want to take a spare shirt with you for the afternoon or to put on before any important meetings – and you won’t feel like your outfit has been getting hotter and hotter all day long.

Relaxed shirt in office

2. ‘Business relaxed’

If you can, speak to your employer about a relaxed dress code in summer, or when the temperature is particularly high.

That doesn’t have to mean jeans and a T-shirt – it could just mean removing your tie and jacket, undoing your top shirt button and rolling up your sleeves, especially when there are no clients or members of the public to see you.

People on Primrose Hill, London

3. Get outside

Unless your air conditioning works well, it’s often cooler outdoors than inside most workplaces, so get out and about if you can – meet clients in nearby air conditioned cafes and coffee shops, and take lunch in the park.

It’s unfortunate that the hottest part of the day probably coincides with your lunch break, so consider taking lunch a little early or later to avoid the rush hour and the worst of the sun’s heat too.

4. Know your air-con

If the windows open at your workplace, open them overnight, but keep them closed if daytime temperatures outside are higher than they are inside.

Air conditioning systems usually need a closed space in order to do their job, so make sure you’re not cooling the air inside, only to let more heat in through open windows.

People in London transport hub

5. Avoid the crowds

The heat is best enjoyed in a relaxed space when you’re not in the office, so busy environments like shopping centres or public transport are best avoided on hot days.  Leave that frustration to others where you can.

Keep cool at home when you’re not in work – you can wear what you want and stay hydrated more cheaply at home, and if you need to go out, say to shop for new work shirts, Christian Benedict are just a click away without you having to leave the cool confines of your house.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and have a great weekend.