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Dealing with a Hangover

It is Friday morning, you are in the office and you are deeply regretting the couple of pints that turned into 6 with Dave from the 3rd floor.  You are about to experience the morning after the night before.  Never fear though, we and many of our other readers have been there and to help … Continued

4 Great Shaving Subscription Services

In July 2016 Unilever, the brands conglomerate, bought the Dollar Shave Club for $1 billion.  The US company was only four years old, but had $150 million in annual sales, a loyal customer base and even a viral video to its name.  The Dollar Shave Club sells shaving toiletries, but like Christian Benedict, operates on … Continued

Are you on Twitter?

In February we ran a competition whereby anybody who had Liked our Facebook page would be entered into a prize draw for a shirt.  As well as on Facebook, Christian Benedict is also active on Twitter and Instagram.  Our social profiles are all individual, but generally promote content on our blog, feature our products and share … Continued

5 Ways Of Caring For Your Suit

How much did you spend on your last suit?    Is the most expensive item in your wardrobe a suit?  Indeed, if you have a few of them then combined, do they represent your highest expenditure on work attire?  Are your suits so fine they make Frank Sinatra look like a hobo? If the answer to … Continued

Time to Plan a City Break

As we trudge through February we inevitably yearn for a change in the seasons and an improvement in the weather.  Indeed, short days, work and the cold shutting us indoors lead to a very real case of cabin fever.  However, instead of simply waiting for Spring to come round, we suggest you start planning for … Continued

Get Ready… It’s Nearly Valentines

Next Tuesday is Valentine’s Day.  Four days and counting.  If you have not already done so, you need to come up with something that says ‘I Love You’ to the girl in your life.  If you don’t she may well be a bit put out and you’ll be in the dog house.  However, don’t worry … Continued

Want a Free Shirt?

As many of you will be aware, Christian Benedict has an active presence on Facebook.  We’re also growing on Twitter and Instagram.  Our social platforms are all individual, but generally link to a lot content from our blog, feature our products and share other interesting stuff from around the web. We like to show people … Continued

What we Have on Offer

As you’ve probably guessed by now, we’re a shirt retailer.  Accordingly, we thought we should set out in our blog the shirts we’ve actually got on offer, so in this post we’re giving a quick round up of what we’ve got.  In addition, we also think we should let you know about how we’re planning … Continued

We’re Open

Welcome and many thanks for sparing the time to read through the very first entry on the Christian Benedict blog.  Christian Benedict is a shirt retailer providing great quality men’s dress shirts through a flexible, recurring service.  We’re dedicated to taking the hassle out of buying your shirts for work. When you join us we’ll … Continued