The Ten Shirt Rules

If you want to look good at all times, purchase shirts that fit just right, and will last a long time, you need to follow the ten shirt rules. Most of these rules are common sense, but there’s no harm in a reminder…

blue and white stripe shirt, blue bengal shirt, sky blue shirt

Rule 1 – Buy quality shirts, if you want to give a good impression at all times.  A good shirt is key to looking slick in the office.

Rule 2 – Whenever you try on a shirt, don’t leave your arms hanging next to your body. Instead, keep your arms bent as this will ensure that you get the sleeve length right.

Pink and White Stripped shirt, pink shirt

Rule 3 – Your shirt cuffs must be at least 3cm longer than your jacket sleeves to look right. Fail to do this, and it can make you look like you’re drowning in your suit.

Rule 4 – When buttoned up, you should be able to place one between your neck and the shirt’s collar. If you can’t the collar will become uncomfortably tight through the day.

Navy Blue Bengal Shirt, Navy Blue and White stripped shirt, blue shirt, office shirt, smart shirt, formal shirt

Rule 5 – Only ever wear long sleeved shirts with a suit. To wear short sleeved shirts with a suit should be a crime!

Rule 6 – Your collar tips must touch the shirt at all times. Look in a mirror and turn your head to check.

Square weave blue shirt, blue shirt, blue office shirt, blue formal shirt, blue button cuff shirt

Rule 7 – Always buy shirts that are slightly longer in the sleeve length than you need. This will ensure that the sleeve length will be just right, after a few washes.

Rule 8 – Your tie needs to fill the gap in between the collar tips as much as possible, in a triangular shape. A messy tie can ruin your whole look.

Pink shirt, formal pink shirt, smart pink shirt, pink shirt for the office

Rule 9 – The back of your tie should be covered completely by the collar of your shirt. It’s a schoolboy error to let any of it poke out under the back.

Rule 10 – Know when to get rid. The average shirt will last for 30-50 washes.  Once it gets tired, it’s time for it to go (even if it’s your favourite shirt).

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