Viral Video Round-Up

If you’re lucky enough that YouTube isn’t blocked on your office network, there’s probably hardly a day that goes by without somebody sending you a link to distract you.

In the spirit of procrastination here’s our round-up of what’s been trending recently on the social networks, where a viral video is always popular…

The Bestmen

When you have eight best friends, how do you choose one to give the best man’s speech at your wedding? Josh Sacofsky faced that dilemma – so to help him decide, his eight best men created an Apprentice-style elimination video.

The video has authentic BBC2 idents and a voiceover by professional voice artist Colin Cassidy, plus a no-holds-barred round of interviews with Josh’s mum, Sharon, and dad, Mark.

A full 15-minute version of the video was posted to Facebook by Michael Simons, but it’s the edited version, at around eight and a half minutes, that went viral after Michael posted it on YouTube.

But there’s a twist in the tale as the eight best men sit suited and booted in the board room to find out who is the winner – as the video ends on a cliffhanger.

Donald Trump feat. Hillary Clinton – The Time of My Life

One of the few highlights of the American presidential race in late 2016 came when at the end of a televised debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the pair were pictured holding microphones as if they were about to launch into a duet.

So with some careful editing of the video footage and a soundtrack of the Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes track (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life, from Dirty Dancing, that’s what Sander van de Pavert made happen.

The finished video, uploaded to the Dutch website Lucky TV, only lasts for a minute and a half, but it’s long enough to put a bit of humour back into the hard-fought political process.

The Most Polite Robbery Ever

A CCTV video dating back to February 2011 has been making headlines again after going viral in the UK in 2017. Originally posted to the Associated Press YouTube channel, it shows a hold-up in a Seattle convenience store.

But the perpetrator, an elderly man in glasses and a cap, is a modern-day dandy highwayman, as he politely asks: “Could you do me a favour… empty that till for me please and put it right here? Cos I’m robbing you. Yes, I’m sure.”

He goes on to apologise quite sincerely, promising to bring back the money if he is ever able to get back on his feet, and explaining that the money is for his children.

The video went viral after being released by law enforcement at the time – leading to several tip-offs about the man’s possible identity.