Want to look dapper? Choose the right place for your phone, keys and wallet

Most of us don’t go anywhere without three essentials – our phone, keys and wallet. Whether we’re at work, on a date or having a catch up with mates, we want them within easy reach. The question is, where do you keep them? It might not be something you’ve ever thought about before, but today is the day you should…


Between April and June of this year, global demand for smartphones reached 347 million units.  But where are they all kept? Well the options are basically your trousers (front or back pocket) or jacket.  While your jacket is the least obtrusive option and can easily accommodate a thin handset, there is the drawback of you needing to have your jacket on all the time. After all, you need to check it an average of 85 times a day, right?

This therefore leaves your trousers as the only choice for most, so that is where our vote is.  However, whatever you opt for, always keep them spate from your keys (unless you like your phone screen to have a ‘distressed’ look).


How many keys do you carry around with you every day? Research has shown that the average person has a keyring with nine keys, including three keys that the person doesn’t know what they’re for. Pretty crazy, right? If you’re a key hoarder, now is the time to get slimline; a house key, car key and (if necessary) office fob should suffice most of the time and they’ll easily fit in your jacket pocket. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and make sure your keys aren’t causing any bulges.  This is neither a good look nor is it good for the prospects of the jacket retaining its shape in the long term.

As an alternative to your jacket consider storing your keys in a briefcase or satchel if you use either.  This can make sense, especially if you’re in work and won’t need your keys for 8 hours or more.


Wallets are bulky, so putting yours in your back trouser pocket is a big no-no, as it’d make even Tom Hiddleston’s backside look odd and he was Rear of the Year in 2016. If your wallet contains a million and one receipts, now is the time to have a sort through. The lighter and more compact your wallet is, the better. If you’re only carrying a couple of bank cards, you mightn’t even need a wallet, as you can pop them in a jacket pocket.

Having your wallet in your back pocket, is a pickpocket’s dream and can even be bad for your health, according to Men’s Health magazine, as it can tilt your pelvis to one side and put strain on your spine, causing aches and pains. Instead, opt for a front pocket, your left pocket if you’re righthanded and your right pocket if you’re lefthanded. (This allows you to have your phone in your dominant hand’s pocket, as you’ll use it more).

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