We’re Open

Welcome and many thanks for sparing the time to read through the very first entry on the Christian Benedict blog.  Christian Benedict is a shirt retailer providing great quality men’s dress shirts through a flexible, recurring service.  We’re dedicated to taking the hassle out of buying your shirts for work.

When you join us we’ll send you a shirt every 30, 60 or 90 days depending on your preference.  We’ve also built our system so that if you want to, you can choose which shirt you receive by clicking once through an e-mail we’ll send you.  If you do have any issues with the shirt you receive you can use the prepaid returns address label to post it back to us for free.  We’ll then send you a replacement or refund you in full.  We’ve designed it to be easy.

However, you’re not locked in.  You can cancel anytime, but hopefully you’ll see the value in never again having to give up you lunch break or Saturday to trek out to your local shirt shop.

In addition to convenience, we’re also sensible in our pricing.  We’re transparent in that we don’t go in for pretend discounting whereby we say the shirt is worth say £70, but today it’s being discounted (even though we’ve never sold one at £70).  We also don’t oblige you to buy four shirts at once, when you only actually need one or two.  Instead, we trade at a price point that is both fair to you and acknowledges the great quality of the shirts and standard of service you receive.  Each shirt is £24.95 (equal to four for £100) and comes with free P&P.

Finally, of course, we should just say something about the quality of our shirts.   We’ve spent a lot of time sourcing them and have focused on finding the best fabrics and craftsmanship available.  As such, we’re confident that you’ll appreciate what we have to offer.  At the moment we have only a small selection of shirts (though in all sizes).  Over time we’ll be adding to this range so that the choice of shirt grows as the business matures.

But as well as conveniently supplying great quality shirts at a fair price, we’d also like to help in other ways as well.  Through this blog, Facebook, Instagram and other social media we hope to develop rich and varied content that will help inform and entertain you.  Topics will hopefully be fairly diverse from advice on style to planning your calendar and of course suggestions are welcome; feel free to put down your suggestions in the comments below.

So thanks again for dropping by and do stay tuned for further posts to come.

All the best,