Christian Benedict wants to spread the word about its service and particularly wants to encourage its customers to become its champions.  As a way to say thank you,  we’ve set up a referral program.  Here is the small print.

  1. If a customer of Christian Benedict refers a friend or colleague to its service, Christian Benedict will reward both the customer and friend or colleague with £10 credit each. Such credit is for use on Christian Benedict products or services.
  2. Credit will only be granted if the friend or colleague enters the customer’s unique referral code, found on the ‘My Account’ page of Christian Benedict’s website, when signing up.
  3. Credit will be automatically used to reduce any amount owed by the recipient of that credit on the next scheduled shirt.
  4. Should a customer refer a number of individuals in any one period resulting in the credit balance exceeding the cost of their next shirt, such credit will be carried over.
  5. Any credit will be erased if a customer cancels their subscription to Christian Benedict’s service.
  6. Credit may not be transferred, refunded or converted into cash. Any credit is held at Christian Benedict’s sole discretion and may be increased or reduced as Christian Benedict sees fit.
  7. If Christian Benedict, at its sole discretion, feels that the referral program is being abused in any way by an individual, Christian Benedict may delete any credit and suspend that individual’s subscription. Particularly, if Christian Benedict suspects that a customer has used different email addresses or delivery addresses to circumvent Christian Benedict’s systems, Christian Benedict may decide to delete any credit and suspend that individual’s subscription(s).
  8. When a customer shares their unique referral code, they must not mimic or misrepresent Christian Benedict or otherwise mislead people into believing that they are dealing with Christian Benedict, one of our agents or affiliates.